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1st Annual AFS-OC AGM Fishing Derby, Lake Couchiching, Orillia

Each year students and fisheries professionals take to the ice and enjoy fishing during down time at the Ontario Chapter Annual General Meeting in March. This year the Subunit is upping the ante and hosting a friendly fishing derby, complete with prizes!

The 2013 AGM will be held at the Geneva Park which is located on Lake Couchiching north of Orillia. Lake Couchiching is famous for big bass but also contains popular winter fisheries for jumbo perch, northern pike, walleye, and lake whitefish.

Prizes will be awarded for the largest (mm TL) perch.

The rules for derby include:

  • participants must use practices that adhere to the Ontario             Fishing Regulations
  • ​all those registered at the AFS-OC AGM may participate
  • the derby will be free to enter for AFS-OC members (a number of   holes will be pre-drilled)
  • participants may only enter fish captured on Lake Couchiching
  • participants can fish between the first day of registration and the   beginning of the business meeting
  • entrees should be accompanied by a photo of the fish with a           total length measurement in millimeters
  • entrees that do not have an associated photo must have a               witness and measurment
  • first and second prize will be for the largest perch (mm TL) 
  • the winners are announced during the business meeting
  • catch and release is encouraged but a fish fry is also welcome!
  • each person is responsible for their own safety, so BE SAFE

Warren Dunlop with a jumbo perch on Lake Couchiching at Geneva Park.

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