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Jake Brownscombe

Jake is a Ph.D. student at Carleton University who is currently researching behaviour, movement, and energy dynamics of marine fishes. He completed his M.Sc. at Trent University studying invasion dynamics of the round goby in southern Ontario, and also worked as a Research Biologist at Trent University where he continued his research on invasive species. Jake has been a member of AFS-OC since 2009 and has volunteered at AFS conferences assisting with registration and AV duties. He has also volunteered with the OMNR, contributing to the walleye spawning monitoring program. Jake is highly active in the academic/research community, where he has trained students in fish sampling techniques, reviewed undergraduate theses, and is currently mentoring an undergraduate student working on an Honour’s thesis project. Jake is an avid (some say obsessed) angler, which drives his passion for fish biology and conservation.

If elected as Vice President of the AFS-OC Student Subunit, Jake’s goal will be to help provide the best possible experience for student members. Jake believes that the Ontario Chapter is unique in that its members are spatially separated over great distances. For this reason, Jake hopes to improve our online resources to provide students in the Ontario region with a means to connect and share their research experiences, as well as learn about fisheries-related news and professional opportunities. Jake would also like to ensure that the Annual AFS-OC Conference continues to provide a relaxed, enjoyable atmosphere for students to network and share their research.

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