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AFS-OC  Student Subunit Officers

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I am Ph.D. candidate at Carleton University researching behavioural ecology and energy dynamics of fish in both marine and freshwater environments. I use a combination of field and lab techniques and a diversity of biologging and telemetry tags, primarily accelerometers, to examine fish behaviours and energetics. My research also focuses on recreational fisheries dynamics and developing sustainable angling practices. In the past I completed my M.Sc. at Trent University studying invasion dynamics of the round goby in southern Ontario, and also worked as a Research Biologist at Trent University.


I have been a member of AFS-OC since 2009 and I am proud to serve as the President of the Student Subunit. Our objective is to provide students from across Ontario with the benefits of a fisheries community, including opportunities to interact with eachother and fisheries professionals, as well as learn more about fisheries and job prospects. Don't hesitate to contact me about the opportunities relating to the subunit.


Jake Brownscombe
Vivian Nguyen

I am a Ph.D. student at Carleton University investigating the gap between science and action, that is, understanding science and knowledge transfer. I am specifically examining how to bridge knowledge generated from electronic tagging technology (a.k.a. biotelemetry) into fisheries management and policies, by looking at a number of case studies from the Fraser River Pacific salmon fisheries, the Great Lakes fisheries, and the Ocean Tracking Network (a national and international perspective). I have also am also involved with work in Amazonian Brazil, collecting Local Ecological Knowledge about large migratory catfish and potential changes related to the constructed “mega-dams”. My master’s work, with Dr. Steven Cooke, was interdisciplinary and involved looking at fisher attitudes and behaviour toward responsible fishing, and investigating salmon bycatch and gear escape. I have also worked with barotrauma in tournament-caught smallmouth bass during my undergraduate degree. 


I am currently involved with a number of networks, such as IN FISH, which is a network striving to increase the profile of inland fisheries, Ocean Tracking Network, and I am the Northeastern Rep for the AFS Education Section Student Subunit. I have been a member of AFS-OC since 2008, and I am excited to become more intimately involved with the Student Subunit as VP. Looking forward to meeting everyone!

Sarah Steele

I am a new graduate student at University of Toronto St. George and the Royal Ontario Museum. I research body size in association with community assemblage within South American fishes. In addition, I am continuing research I began in my undergraduate program where I studyed the colonization and recovery of benthic invertebrate communities after the restoration of cold-water habitats in Ontario.

During my undergraduate program I was involved with the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Undergraduate Union, holding presidency in my final year, as well as a number of aquatic conservation organizations in Southern Ontario and committees within the University of Toronto. I am currently involved with the EEB Graduate Student Union in addition to holding the position of Secretary-Treasurer for the AFS-OC Subunit since September 2011.

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