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Useful Documents

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Here are some documents that prospective, current, and graduating students and young professionals should find interesting and helpful.



Dynamic Ecology-

Eco-Evo Evo-Eco-


  • O'Connor 2012 - How to find a good graduate advisor and make the most of graduate school                          [Fisheries, 37(3):126-138]; PDF, 475 KB

  • Hasler et al. 2007- Looking Beyond the Border: Advantages and challenges of moving between Canada and the     United States for graduate studies in fisheries science                                                                                                  [Fisheries, 32(10):502-503]; PDF, 68 KB

  • Cooke and Hinch 2006 - Perspectives on employment and post-graduate education for young fisheries                 professionals [PDF presentation, 193 KB]

  • Novinger and Nibbelink 1998 - Involving undergraduates is key to the future of the American Fisheries Society    [Fisheries, 23(10):44]

  • Cooke 1997 - Undergraduate opportunity: making the most of opportunities in fisheries science
     [Fisheries, 22(12):36]; PDF, 727 KB

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