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R Webseries for Fisheries Analysis

This webseries contains 4 lessons of increasing difficulty to introduce individuals to R. The webseries goes over the basics of R, how to conduct some analysis related to fisheries science in R and how to plot results. A wide variety of topics are covered over the 4 lessons. All lessons consist of recorded Google Slides presentations and activities conducted in R. There are also R markdown files provided as PDFs that go over all code used within the lessons. Lastly there are post-lesson activities that allow one to practice what they have learned within each lesson. 

NOTE: As of February 28th, 2022 lesson 1 has been posted, future lessons are coming in the next few weeks and will be release sequentially.

Lesson 1: Introduction to R

Lesson 1 Resources
R Markdown for Lesson 1
Post-Lesson Exercise-Lesson 1
Slide Deck for Lesson 1
Stay tunes for lessons 2, 3 and 4, which will be released in the coming weeks. 
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